Saturday, June 30, 2007


so the last time i was in vancouver dan, the best man, kindly took vanessa and i out to rangoli, the restaurant of the son of the man behind the famed indian restaurant "vij" - vij's son i guess, and they're right next door to each other.
vanit was something i can only describe as fusion indian, which i've never had curry contained not only paneer but portobello mushrooms. if you look behind dan, they have a fridge full of premade curries all aesthetically packaged up, and they even sell cookbooks. it wasn't the best food i've ever had in my life, but i love the fresh concept of the place. and the fact that there's a tv set into the mirror in the bathroom that airs east indian dancing while you pee.

vanessa made an awesome bbq (mmm steak), and yams!, i jammed on the guitar with jesse, and she and i ripped apart an old typewriter. ooh! and we went to a flea market where i bought 7 vintage hats! haha.

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