Friday, June 15, 2007

At the capilano suspension bridge:

capilano"The Canyon Lookout is unmatched in spectacular beauty. Located at the north end of Capilano Suspension Bridge, this private area features a deck cantilevered 300 feet above the rushing waters of Capilano River (click here for a virtual tour). Heated tents allow this area to be used during any season and it is unsurpassed in its uniquely West Coast appeal."

well. it's definitely got that real "westcoast" feel....i'm from vancouver, hear me roar. we could even do a salmon barbeque. and another upside is we have the roaring water below us rather than the roaring traffic at granville and 16th...too bad i can't find more pictures of the damn place

Seating capacity: 150 guests
so, here's a pdf breakdown, sans the food
$1500 + $5/guest as a park service fee ($5 x 100 = $500) which includes tent rentals to a max of one 20'x30' and four 20'x20' tents....does this mean i have five tents? one can be for dinner/dancing, one can be for lounging perhaps with couches like the fancy pants wedding books suggest?? big downside: we run into a 6:30-10pm limitation, which ends earliier than brock house if we do the ceremony there. also, the lookout is a non-exclusive venue, which means i'll have german tourists parading through my wedding? "additional charges" for "equipment rentals" run 30-40 per person (whatever that means??) and then it goes into more pricing that seems like what they've already discussed, but somehow it's in addition it! additoinal $2500 for outside catering, and a park service fee of $15.95/per person - it does come with a cd player with background music, a podium and a mic (ipod-friendly it seems), easels (artwork to display?), a stage and "mirror centerpieces and vases." cake cutting is $1.50 per person, and printed menus are $4 per menu! 1 per table i guess it will be.....unless i'm allowed to make my own which i bet they won't allow. four course dinners run $40-50 a piece which is decent. i have to use their alcohol.
and since it's at the canyon lookout, there's an adiditon surcharge of $6/person (in addition to the $5 and the $15.95 mentioned earlier? this is going to kill me with the kid guests - maybe i can get cheaper meals for them, but they're still running an additional $27 each just exisiting on the property)

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