Friday, June 1, 2007


ladies, meet your significant others for the big day. i don't even think the beau has asked them to be part of the wedding party yet! they've been his best friends since they were about 6 or 7 years old i think.

jenn - you get the middle one, dan, vanessa's other half. he's goofy, also graduated with an english degree (a ubc alumnus), and my dad was quite taken with him and called him a renaissance man. he can cook, play guitar and banjo in that rare folk sense, and he's currently preserving duck marshlands in south surrey by destroying beaver dams.

on the right is kaito. he's taken, and i think he has an interior design degree under his belt. he poshed it up at a fancy kerrisdale clothing shop and currently works at the furniture place in gastown where a spoon will run you $100 (tiara, i remember sean was tres impressed with this place some years ago).

on the left is brock. like vanessa, i have too few photos of him, perhaps because he's often the one behind a camera when the boys go out. potentially a SWM, he is currently taking a video game design course and runs a spiffy indie website, which features his tshirt designs and modeling by dan and dan's brother, robert.

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Jenn said...

I guess I should say hi, nice to meet you all!... that being said cheryl I think we need to do something as a group - bbq/potluck etc? I can cook, and I promise there will be meat present. Speaking of cook - a shout out to my website would have been nice, and if we are being picky that I'm still technically working on that second degree...and I do think it's funny that Brock had started with organic chem, wonder what it is about reflux condensers, diels alder rx's that make us run for the hills.