Saturday, January 28, 2012

still life font


i can cut intricate shapes out of vinyl free-hand in one go. i can take amazing photographs. i can sketch in sharpies and have my lines come out correctly as i put them down on the page (or plastic bottle, or any given surface). no pencils for me.

i was always the kid that could draw the line art bear in the newspaper that would garner you a grand prize. my dad and i were recently talking about my grade 11 art teacher that gave me a poor grade because he thought art came easy to me and he had assumed that i didn't put any effort into my painting because of it (jealous, much, mr. miata?). i can draw what i see, but i am hyperaware that i cannot create something from mid-air. when i sat down to design some a friend's logo, i figured i would be able to draw what i formed out of string on my lap; it proved more difficult than expected, so i took photographs of each letter i created. a special thank you to andrew's extra pack of star wars shoelaces.

Friday, January 13, 2012

dance dance dance

i am cleaning my computer room and need to type out a random note i need to recycle and commit to memory.
- chainé right, tuck right knee to chest, fan left leg to do an inside jumping turn
- pirouette with knee at knee to sauté arabesque
- saute de basque chassé seconde
- turning sauté arabesques front/back
- turning pas de chat in parallel
- piqué saute de basque