Friday, September 7, 2012

demo derby and so much food

car explosions, demolition derby, crazy loud v8's, figure 8 races, and even fireworks! only in america would they not only pray at the beginning of an event, but sing both the american and canadian anthems! dad, i want to buy mom an alpaca. DSCF7573800 DSCF7472 DSCF7475 DSCF7498 DSCF7526 DSCF7545 DSCF7546 DSCF7552 DSCF7563 DSCF7567 DSCF7613a

christina and jesse

IMG_3036-2 mIMG_3092

Saturday, September 1, 2012

my bride who loves andrew bird

IMG_3955 i knew it was going to be the perfect day when i jumped in my car and the first song that came on was "the giant of illinois." the flowers and decorations were straight out of a bridal magazine! you two are an amazing couple, and it was an honor to share your day with your fabulous guests that hailed from 26 states and 3 different countries! your friends had such warm spirits, from the son of the seamstress to the bridesmaid with the jcrew misfortune, which everyone handled so gracefully. the food was beyond amazing, and i wish i could have that chai every day for the rest of my life!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

still life font


i can cut intricate shapes out of vinyl free-hand in one go. i can take amazing photographs. i can sketch in sharpies and have my lines come out correctly as i put them down on the page (or plastic bottle, or any given surface). no pencils for me.

i was always the kid that could draw the line art bear in the newspaper that would garner you a grand prize. my dad and i were recently talking about my grade 11 art teacher that gave me a poor grade because he thought art came easy to me and he had assumed that i didn't put any effort into my painting because of it (jealous, much, mr. miata?). i can draw what i see, but i am hyperaware that i cannot create something from mid-air. when i sat down to design some a friend's logo, i figured i would be able to draw what i formed out of string on my lap; it proved more difficult than expected, so i took photographs of each letter i created. a special thank you to andrew's extra pack of star wars shoelaces.

Friday, January 13, 2012

dance dance dance

i am cleaning my computer room and need to type out a random note i need to recycle and commit to memory.
- chainé right, tuck right knee to chest, fan left leg to do an inside jumping turn
- pirouette with knee at knee to sauté arabesque
- saute de basque chassé seconde
- turning sauté arabesques front/back
- turning pas de chat in parallel
- piqué saute de basque