Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pashmina scarves

pashmina2pashmina scarves as wedding favors that will work so well for an outdoor wedding. the image to the right is taken from jo gartin's weddings. below features an ebay seller where i can get 50 scarves at about $5.50 each. i'm kinda drawn toward the light green color. and the bridesmaids can have unique colors.


Jenn said...

jas says she can get them in india for you dirt cheap - she has family going down their this fall, and they'll be back in the spring. or she says you can try little india - they'll give you a good discount, but it's won't be wholesale price - it's up to you. personally I would lean towards something I can feel - Jessica's is beautiful and a good tight weave, not likely to pull.

janette said...

Hi cheryl, Here's a reply to your questions about Hycroft. I worried about noise as well, but once all the guests are on the lawn, the noise is muffled. We weren't bothered by it during the ceremony, even though we got married at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon - prime traffic time.

We didn't use the ballroom for dancing. In fact people gravitated to the terrace and west wing and spent most of the evening there. We hooked an IPod to some small speakers and danced on the terrace. They let us have music outside until 10, which was long enough. Our wedding was pretty informal though - an IPod might not work if you're wanting something grander. We also danced a waltz (our first dance together) in the west wing room while a friend played the piano.

I was a bit concerned about fitting in with the rules and regulations they have, but the staff were helpful and flexible and we didn't feel constrained on the day. And culinary capers have done so many weddings there, that they know just how/where to set up and how and when to serve food/drinks/cake to keep the party flowing along. I really enjoyed my wedding day and I loved the atmosphere of Hycroft. Our wedding ended up being like a grand house party - very mellow and relaxed in beautiful surroundings. Perfect.