Friday, June 8, 2007

melissa sweet

here is my attempt to show the available colors: left to right, top to bottom: grey, olive, green tea, chocolate, black, blue

and trying desperately to pick a color scheme to go with grey. red might work in that coloured-in-b&w-photo sort of way

and here is our real life people rendition of the melissa sweet ad


Jenn said...

k - so I'm not hating the dresses, but I'm just not sure, of the color options available, the black and white are the best I think. The hard thing with the grey as seen with my lovely pseudo-bouquet's is there doesn't seem to be an appropriate bold color - pink may be the only option...but I know that isn't an option anyways. In the end I'm wondering if the Isaac M. dresses would be better, if I had your US address I would order a size 0/1 for you to try on, just to see what it was like. As to the photographers -I like the idea of having two especially if you like the candid photo thing. But they are pricey. Let me know about your time off for the rest of the month and july - I may just greyhound down to seattle to help you out if need be...

Dacia said...

Hey there.. do you still have your Melissa Sweet Bridesmaid dress? I would love to buy it from you!! Please e-mail me at! Thank You