Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh canada

oh japadogs and your 1hour+ line up. 45 minutes into it and 6 people away from the front of the line i became fully cognisant of the fact that i do not like japanese food, seaweed, or seafood. bonito flakes looked like they could be a party in my mouth, although i'm glad i asked becuse they turned out to be fish flakes. the edamame dog saved the day.

oh canada. my home and native land. how i wish the united states had:
1. the affordable costco version of raincoast crisps
2. costco two-packs of patak's indian curries (although google has just informed me that i can get six jars at costco.com)
2. packets of teh tarik
3. pan de sal buns from aling mary's - i've found some goldilocks packaged stuff at uwajimaya but it is not the same
4. mccain deep and delicious freezer cake
5. pizza pops - i love taking the perfect bite out of each corner
6. long johns. of the donut variety, not an item of clothing. to be fair they do have them in the states although they call them chocolate bars, and throw in the phrase "like a maple bar, but with chocolate instead." ontario evidently does not have long john donuts in any shape or form, even at tim hortons! ontario-folk also don't understand the term "cross street"
7. strawberry marshmallows

my mother diligently keeps my pantry and fridge stocked with
1. mars bars - these were recently discontinued in the u.s. after the advent of snicker almond
2. brown sugar frosted mini wheats (ironically the US has brown sugar and maple syrup frosted mini wheats)
3. becel margarine - why does promise look deceivingly similar but smell and taste like awful microwave popcorn artificial flavor

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

there is too much spring in the air. and the sound of children's voices.