Monday, June 11, 2007

hycroft manor


stephanie from culinary capers was kind enough to give us a tour of hycroft on very short notice. below are a mix of my own photos and a few i found on flickr. the whole reason i fell in love with this place is because of its unique little rooms (which of course will have very little to do with the wedding) and unfortunately they can't even function as the bride/groom dressing areas







the major downside:
the ballroom/eating area looks to be dim, hot and stuffy as it's the basement of the place and does not have sufficient windows. needless to say andrew is not impressed. we could have the dinner outside and the dancing down here after, but it's going to be hard to get everyone to go down here sans tables and chairs, unless we could bring in some vintage couches and create seating areas for dessert/dancing....i do love that there's a piano that we could do our first dance to....

here's the backside:

it features a nice patio that we could possibly squeeze 100 people on to for dinner, with larger tables than these i hope...and even possibly dance on. although there's no outdoor music allowed because it's in a residential neighborhood, i read that one couple had an ipod play list...and this couple is dancing:



the ceremony can be here on the grass with those lovely white wooden chairs:

in comparison to brock house, we don't have to start at 6:30 pm - if we get the house for 8 hours, and ending time is 11 - that means we can have the ceremony at 3 or 4 and make better use of the daylight for photos and dinner. the only thing is that it's out in potentially blazing heat, and, more importantly, you can hear the traffic at granville and 16th. now is the time to consider using my ubc alumni powers to ask to join the ubc women's club that runs hycroft for a potential discount or at least booking priority....


Jennifer Skog said...

Oh my, the rooms in this place are to die for! You are going to have such a beautifull wedding!

Jasmine said...

this is jasmine
im a high school and
im doin a research on Hycroft building and its history
im just wondering if i can use some of the interior pictures that you took on my poster
i would really appreciate it if you could reply to me as soon as you get the message

Jasmine said...

typo high school student*

thank you very much

stitchpixie said...

i used some of the photos from flickr. my photos, counting from the top down, are #1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12. you're free to use them.


Jessica said...

Hi, i'm just curious if you did ask to become a member to get the discounted rental rate, i'm thinking of having a wedding there and I was thinking the same thing, but i wasn't sure if that was appropriate to ask, i would love to know how that went for you!

stitchpixie said...

hi jessica,

i think i remember learning that you have to be a member for one year before you can book an event...which, if you're planning a wedding in the near future isn't really helpful. if you're a non-member, you can only book an event within the next 12 months and no earlier, because the members get first dibs with no time restrictions. with the dues of a two year commitment to them, the only advantage is being able to book 2 years in advance if you're planning that far out, with priority over all non-members who wouldn't be able to book until the 12 month mark.

Saida said...


Just thought I would mention that I booked this month for a wedding in july and I am not a member. A lot of their rules have now changed, so I would suggest calling them for a tour, and then asking what dates are available. I think their prices are really reasonable, And the place is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

janedoe said...

i was looking at hycroft for my wedding! if i may ask: what are the rates for the place?

stitchpixie said...

hi janedoe. i believe it was about $3500 to rent for 8 hours, but the real money grabber is that you MUST use the most expensive catering company in vancouver, and it will run you $100-200 per person for food/utensil/plate/table rentals.

Anonymous said...

There is a choice of 10 caterers NOT the most expensive in town. You do NOT have to be a member. We have no connection with UBC in only that some of their graduates are members. We have members who have graduated from universities all over the world. It is called Hycroft not Hycroft Mansion.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how many guests you can fit in the place for a wedding?

stitchpixie said...

depends. i think the outdoor patio can hold 120 people for a seated dinner. if you're wanted to do a ceremony indoors on the main floor it would hold less...and i'm not sure what the bottom floor holds.