Wednesday, June 20, 2007


who says bridesmaids have to be blobs of bold colors? who wants to own a hot pink dress anyway? not only that, but i feel like 90% of bridesmaids dresses are strapless tube tops (could they not have put any thought into a nice sweetheart neckline at the least?), they're overly shiny (ugh, taffetta), and somehow they're three to four hundred dollars! what a money maker.

hello macys, where a well constructed, totally rewearable dress can run $50-200. i think that the following two lines: maggy london, and london times, are particularly bridesmaid appropriate and i'm excited to see what they'll have to offer over the next couple seasons.

so why not do prints? this dress i saw at macys with a palatable price tag of around $60. here's my mod side taking over. so maybe i don't mean "print" so much as black and white mod graphics. so here's a few things from


i particularly like 7, but perhaps 8 is more bridesmaidy. i also like 1. i find the texture of 12 to be so enticing. 13 through 15 are available in black although i guess i wish they were just a little longer? macy's even has bride-worthy dresses at around the $200 mark:


Jenn said...

K- so I like 6,8,10,13 and 16. I'd wear any of those option - so whichever works colorwise - personally I prefer 8 and 13 - because 8 is classic and sliming, and 13 because although it looks like a halter it has a full back. Bottom line with these dresses is go for cheaper and comfortable, at the end of the day there is no guarentee regardless of how we feel about the dress that any of us would wear it again

danielle said...

I love the black and white pattern macys dress. I am getting married, and I am having a black and white wedding. I was looking for a classic black and white dress, and found your page by accident. Absolutly love the dress. I was trying to find it in any other catalogue's so I can get them for my bridesmaids but I am having the worst luck ever.... if you could email me to let me know how I can order them or even if I have to retrieve them from a store i'll do so. Thanx for any help. -dani