Monday, June 11, 2007

brock house

here are some glamor shots of brock house in kitsilano:

thanks to the wonder of flickr, i get to see real live wedding photos that highlight the downsides:
all photos will be taken with the sunlight from behind, and everyone's digital photos are going to turn out underexposed....

people won't be expectantly waiting for me to emerge from behind chapel doors - instead i have a long walk across the grass from the house where everyone will see me coming from 60 feet back, and as i get closer, the cars will appear in the backgrounds of their aforementioned digital photos. not to mention the hideous plastic on the outdoor tent which has been the biggest deterrant for me. what function does it serve? to keep in heat? to keep out bugs? a chilly breeze? now that i'm looking over their website again though, it actually costs $200 for the stupid plastic!

no music after 10pm, and i believe the pay parking lot closes at 11pm. a saturday summer night tent rental runs $2000 + $500 for the ceremony, plus their dj and their alcohol, and two weddings can happen at the same time - one indoors and one in the tent. potentially four in one day since rentals are from 11am-4pm, which is out of the question, or 6:30 till 1 am. the ceremony could wrap at 7 if everything's on schedule.....perhaps there'd be time to get photos in, 7:30 dinner, the lighting here, below, will last 30 minutes tops.....
and by 8pm it will be getting dark. it's june 11th today, 10 days or so away from the longest day of the year and it wasn't the most picture perfect lighting outside at 8pm tonight.....not to mention that everyone has their wedding here so it doesn't feel as unique as hycroft

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Jenn said...

okay you know where my loyalties are right now - and it's with neither venue... as it stands. I don't believe that a border is enough of a reason to say no to semiahmoo. the resort is amazing (Parveen and Paul have stayed there) and since there will be a late night and alcohol - you ensure your guests won't do anything silly. They can also come down earlier - get a room and or check out the sights - there are the waterslides 10 minutes away for the kids etc. - you are having it in the summer why not have your guests make a fun celebratory weekend out of it? Your guests all have a year to get their passports and plan what they are doing and as I said before if they can't make the minor effort to get there then maybe they didn't want to come that badly to begin with - remember they are the ones that should be honored that you invited them, not you that they showed up - it's your day. And if they don't want to come, it's cheaper for you and you get bigger gifts....