Sunday, October 28, 2007

the search for a new photographer

darkdue to the craziness of the move and the lack of internet i have had for over a month, i lost out on my vancouver photographer! but i still adore her photos so here's an array of my favorites, and a little something to the right to show how great her low light photos can be without a flash totally flattening out the image. here are some great shots from melia at lucida photography. i adore candids:

movementci had been so against photoshop, coming from a film background, developing my own negs and prints since i was 10. i think it stemmed from an instructor that had disapproved of cropping my images when i developed my prints, saying all the cropping should be done from behind the camera. but these effects create such a great sense of movement into the image:

her love of industrial settings!

and composition that i adore:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ponies! mustaches, fedoras, oh my

ponyi'm attempting to collect "shabby chic" (ie white wood) furniture for my new bedroom in the new house that include an armoire and a highboy dresser...possibly a vanity, though it feels less functional and too frivolous. andrew and i stumbled upon an antique "village" in bothell, WA (30 seconds from the bartell's in canyon park) that had that coombs, BC feel. it's actually where the princess bride wedding shop is, as i discovered, so i'll have to book an appointment sometime. they had a pony carousel that i got so excited about, but we'd left the camera in the car and it was too much of a dreary wet day to go back and fetch it. i bought a great new vintage hat in the last shop while andrew got hatpooped out and went back to the car to listen to some tunes. four hours later we were at my parents, and i whipped out the camera do show my dad the big screen tv we saw at costco, and lo and behold my favorite pony was on the camera! it took me a long 10 seconds to figure out how it got there, and then i realized he ran out in the rain to take the pictures just for me as a sweet surprise.

vanessahathere are some photos of more of my vintage hats, as modeled by BM's vanessa and jenn, purchased in large quanities by me at a flea market in vancouver a while back with vanessa. oh vintage accessories, how i love thee. so back to the photobooth idea....mixed with a wedding favor idea that one of sean flanigan's client's had - stick on mustaches for every guest - it would be neat to leave fedoras and charlie chaplain style hats and hair accessories for the ladies with an elegant mirror outside the photobooth. speaking of which i haven't booked one yet so there's another thing to add to my busy schedule. i haven't touched anything wedding related in a while jennflower(melia if you're reading this, i'm not flaking out, i've been super busy and i'm still sending you my photo contract/cheque), people at work say andrew seems more excited about it than me right now. haha!

i'd love to have a not-fine netted veil - very 1950'seqsue. and for all the ladies involved to have flowers (and subtle plumey feathers?) in their hair. moms, sisters, etc etc. none of this tacky corsage business. here are some random images from the seattle bride magazine. speaking of which i've got a lot more magazine images to post - one issue had a great cake section. i have a lot that i haven't blogged about because craigslist is eating up all my spare time.