Tuesday, June 12, 2007

semiahmoo resort, blaine, wa

okay, well i had left this well enough alone, content to live vicariously through jenn if she had her wedding here. but here we go - semiahmoo resort in blaine, wa. just minutes from the border, just minutes from whiterock - which is where i would have loved to have a wedding if they had anything halfway decent! they have about ten different venues available for weddings (which also means that there could be many different weddings going on at the same time).

we could get married on the beach on their seaview terrace:
seaview terrace
seaview terrace2
it looks gorgeous, right? the only downside is this is what my view would be:
seaview terrace4

i believe the guy on the phone recommended this tudor-style venue - "the pierside room" - for my 100-120 person guestlist. it runs $5000 minimum for food/drink/tables/linens etc and $1500 to rent the place. which worked out to about $50 per person! what a steal.
pierside room

i'm not crazy about the adjoining "pierside dock" for the ceremony (the plastic chairs need to go):
pierside dock
but the rest of the dock doesn't look so bad:
pierside dock2

here is the loomis trail garden. trade up for my white wooden folding chairs and i actually really like this.
loomis trail garden 2
and i love the way the wedding party would approach the alter! this is so much more palatable than what brock house has to offer.
loomis trail garden
and the "loomis trail" - i guess there had to be the obligatory golf course photo setting. too bad there's no photos of the inside of this place.....
loomis trail

or are these the inside photos? they must be; "loomis mansion:"
loomis mansion
loomis mansion lobby

their tent looks so much more gorgeous than the one at brock house somehow...at first i was worried it was much too big - it can hold up to 250 people....whereas brock house's tent accommodates up to 180. but we could have a larger dance floor? and a grand piano perhaps??? this is only $8000 minimum for food/drinks/linens/tables + $1500. any venue at this resort could potentially save me fifteen thousand dollars.
pavillion tent

here is one more wedding spot i'm not as crazed about, and there's a few more that aren't elegant enough to be posted here:
the palmer room:
palmer room

okay. so the major downside is that everyone needs a passport. and the worst downside is that the border lineups are going to probably be between 2 and 3 hours long. my parents practically live in the states to begin with, my aunt ditas and uncle ron have a timeshare in birch bay they don't have nexus fast lane pass so they sit in the 2 hour line up week after week, and the rest of my family wouldn't have any qualms about it in the least. sounds picture perfect, doesn't it, jenn? however that's just half the guestlist.

the upside? i can hit up a US costco for gorgeous $8.99 bouquets!

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