Friday, June 15, 2007

swaneset, pitt meadows

here are the two money photos that i like which showcase that it's "upstairs" and that it's well lit


okay so what is this about?! "Swan-e-set reserves the right to offer a cash bar at any evening function." so if i say i only want beer and wine, if someone approaches the bar and asks for cognac they'll be asked to pay??

the outside looks dated to me:
but that notion somewhat dissolves away in the evening when it transforms into something out of "the bachelor" or, at least that one show where the construction worker was pretending to be some multimillionaire

here are outdoor ceremony option(s?):

and it looks pretty blank canvas to decorate so i could almost go for something clean and bold: swaneset8

it is a golf course after all, so i guess the view outside the window would be a lot of greeeeen

and so flickr has been my resource for a lot of actual wedding photos, especially when the resorts' websites have been pretty sparse. so here i am looking at some random couple and look who they turn out to be, laila! i've seen their wedding photos before but it was funny how they popped up in my venue search.

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Laila said...

Well look at that! Folz!

You know, I was curious where that was as it didn't seem to be very west-van. Never expected Pitt Meadows.