Saturday, June 30, 2007


i'd never really envisioned my wedding before, but i always assumed some asian bakehouse would create a lovely anna's cake house in east van, michelle's bakery in kerrisdale, or goldilocks on broadway. i'm sure they make contemporary, martha-worthy cakes, but everything on their website looks like it's from the 1980's. and bon ton's window display cakes in kitsilano have a layer of dust on them like they truly are from the 1980's. anna's gave some helpful dimension information:
"have the tiers step up in constant increments (ie: 6 - 9 -12 where each tier widens by 3 inches or 8 - 11 - 14, NOT 6 - 8 -16 unless that is the look you are trying to achieve)"

enter: cupcakes (and vanessa's cute new kicks). i prefer betty crocker "muffins" topped with real whipped cream, buttercream is the sickest dessert-related stuff i have ever tasted, but they do cakes as well.
i think they mentioned their wedding cakes start at $8 per slice....which, even if it has fondant i'm sure is the plainest cake with a few strips of grosgrain ribbon. so 8 x 100 = $800.

cupcakesbut, they also have "regular" buttercream cakes which are actually quite cute...and affordable (see pricing, left)!! okay, so following anna's dimensions rule - if i did 7, 11, 13" cakes and tiered them myself, it would run $185 and feed about 112 people with 2" slices (although their wedding cake looks to break the even increment rule with a four incher on top). and i realize tiering these cakes could be disastrous, so even buying three vintage milk glass cake stands and having three 11" cakes would still make martha proud. cupcakes2look how pretty their cakes can be in this price range - they had a mini fridge in the store that had a few of these very same cakes and they really were true to these prices. now i imagine there are equally talented cake makers out there that don't have the overhead of a store located on both denman and broadway.

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Laura said...

Oh no! I have only heard TERRIBLE, and MANY, awful reviews of Goldilocks. They get by on their length of service, they're sort of a Vancouver bridal institution but they haven't kept up with the times at all. They still cook with lard!

Cupcakes is okay but way way overpriced imho. Have you checked out The baker is based out of North Van, she seems really good.