Sunday, April 19, 2009

so, armed with what little html i know, i made a website - to showcase my wedding photography. i figured snapdragon was a catchy name, but all related .com's were taken, so i decided to tag it onto stitchpixie and whipped this up in less than 72 hours. it's not all fancy or flash-y like the pro's, but then again, i did it by myself. special thanks to laila's other half for figuring out my glitchy questions.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

me and julio down by the schoolyard....

i've finally got my proof to show that andrew initiated the cake smash, even when he had agreed not to!

i am so blown away with how our still motion super8 video turned out. photographer extraordinaire, amina, flew all the way from ontario to give up her trusty SLR to man a camcorder circa 1970 for the day. i just love the composition of every shot and just how tightly she framed's like shooting with a 200mm lens and i love, love, love it. i saw her shooting the balloons but didn't realize just how playful and lovely it would turn out. i am amazed at how the camera was able to make the sunbeams dance, and even the pro photographs we have of the evening weren't able to capture just how gorgeous that sunset was like the super8 did.