Friday, June 1, 2007


bridesmaids, meet each other. left to right: vanessa, tiara, jenn. and i made sure to dig up photos of everyone eating because that was one of the few that i happened to have of jenn. vanessa, i stole christina's photos because i have yet to take a billion of you like i have of tiara.
vanessa. the lovely other half to the best man in real life. loves funky jewelry and has a slightly bohemian wardrobe. special skills and experience: fun loving, goofy, and i believe she has a black belt; levels up in rpg video games that i am totally incapabale of playing; can successfully cater large film-related events on a whim; loves to travel; is getting a wood degree at ubc.

tiara. my very best friend from high school and the lady with a thousand and one friends. she went to UofT in some small town called scarborough and got two degrees that that i can't entirely wrap my brain around: international studies, and international development studies, if i remember correctly. which means she should ambassador? she is currently a kumon sensé (bet you thought i couldn't make math sound like tai kwon do). special skills and experience: she can sing, she can play guitar, and she's got the coolest name!

jenn. the maid of honor. i shared what must have been a 3 foot wide bed with her in russia on a missions trip where we visited an orphanage, among other things. we were subjected to liver and raw fish for breakfast in the home of the only non-english speaking host. always well put together with an elegant fashion sense, vegas has become her new reprieve from her snooty (medical) office job in yaletown. special skills: SWF seeking SWM, she is an amazing cook and baker, received an english degree at sfu with highly feminist overtones, she recently became vegan, and she's a mennonite that's going to boogie down in the ballroom.

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