Tuesday, July 31, 2007

trash the dress: waterfalls

vancouvervia waxy at flickr, apparently taken with a fisheye lens! this photo actually makes the installation look a lot better than it actually does. and why two engagement rings? a stone's throw from davie street, is this making a social statement about lesbian marriages? they could have (easily) made a "diamond" encrusted wedding band to match. this is what greeted me at english bay last time i was in vancouver - it looked pretty gaudy against the backdrop of vanier park - as if these ugly metal sculptures weren't bad enough, juxtaposed against the iconic inuksuk. so, venturing well outside of vancouver, we find waterfalls:

i've always loved the slow shutterspeed effect on waterfalls that makes them all soft and blurry while inanimate objects like rocks are crystal clear. lynn creek, bottom right, looks super cool but i think we can thank photoshop for the green water. i imagine this is all glacier run off and would be beyond cold, even in august heat. photos courtesy of the kind folks at flickr.

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