Saturday, July 7, 2007

blackberries are an august fruit

believe it or not, i'm a bit wedding'd out. if i don't see any more dresses, photography, or venues for the next little while, i'll be happy. so onto other things - and the only reason i am even thinking about such a wedding-related thing is the possibility of owning a letterpress for my own endeavors.

i had originally wanted birds and branches as a theme - ie centerpieces/invitations etc, but that really lends itself more to a spring wedding. so it's tentatively set for august, and as i was walking home the other day it dawned on me: august, blackberries! they even have sweet little blossoms! i was thrilled.

i know nothing about letterpress, other than the fact that i love it. perhaps it's worth sending denise at patina an email, i believe she studied printmaking at emily carr. this thread over at myspace seems like a good resource for links with information. blackberry1from what i gather, i have to hand carve wooden blocks, and i don't think i'm skilled enough to end up with the image i set out to do.

i'd always considered doing a sheet of unmounted rubber stamp for st*tchp*x*e with ready stamps because it's super cheap at $32 for a sheet, i believe you just send them a sheet of paper with all your images on them, and it supports cerebral palsy! this awesome post at the switchboards lists a tonne of places that do unmounted stamp sheets. in the end i'd be happy with simple, cream colored invitations stamped with black images and text. the stamped/embossing (with the heat gun and the powder) idea was abandoned after tiara said it turns out lumpy and too handmade looking - here's an image i found, and even jason said it's not crisp enough to tackle the text of an invite.

the same switchboarder referenced above has a decent blog, diybride.

if all else fails, i can go through the design*sponge letterpress guide and hand off the work to someone else.

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