Sunday, July 22, 2007

trash the dress ideas

here is a quintessentially "vancouver" sight of the mermaid statue ("girl in wetsuit" to be more correct) with the sulfur piles in the background. there's even a little rock for me to pose just like said girl in wetsuit. IMG_6374
i have this secret love for mimicking things around me - see my beau in this photo taken somewhere on the ocean between kawaii and oahu last summer
and so the concept of the sulfur piles is rather exciting to me, but unfortunately, amidst all the photos that i could find on flickr,
only one of them wasn't taken across the water from stanley park sulfurand so it leads me to believe that it's very off limits. or even if it wasn't, i'd have to don a hard hat.

so these north shore sulfur piles reminded me of the trainyards that i adore there. my father used to fish for salmon in capilano when i was young and before the natives overfished the area (yes i am aware that is a politcally charged statement, but it's my opinion). we usually came home via the second narrows instead of the lions gate and passed by these trainyards. i returned to these trainyards in university, hoping to have fun running through them at night time, but there were no tresspassing signs everywhere and even a night guard! (photos are courtesy of flickr)

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Jenn said...

the tough thing with the trains is that most of them fall under the docks jurisdiction and they are actually heavy guarded - post 911 stuff. I'm wondering - a farm seems un-Vancouver...I liked your original idea of Main and Hastings - there has to be something in that area or the Strathcona area. The statement about the fishing - I agree