Wednesday, July 18, 2007

wedding showers

undies yes. that is my underwear. sorry guys, i tried to find a nice online photo but came up with nothin'. it's one of my favorite pairs, right up their with my miffy the rabbit underwear, my mooshie (mushroom-like character) themed underwear, and my turquoise boy cut undies with the little bow in front. when i was younger i thought it'd be so cool to have a teddy shower, but then thought it would be way too embarassing to have my mother and other older female relatives present when i unwrapped feathery night-time wear. but fun underwear, i'm all for that (and if a few fun pieces from la senza make their way into the mix, bonus!).

one of my several wedding books i bought off amazon listed a few more great shower ideas. the only one i can remember right now was a recipe-based shower, where everyone brings their favorite recipe and one utensil to make it with, which i think is utterly wonderful! (but hey, i'd rather have cute undies AND recipes than 6 spatulas).


Jenn said...

why not change the theme then to a recipe and the related garment to wear when making it - like a cookie recipe warrants flannel and a salad something skimpy etc... but you know you should be working on those invite - please need to know you're getting married before we can talk about your knickers.

Erin said...

well you know what they say, you gotta wear something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. guess you have the blue one covered :P