Sunday, July 29, 2007

i've got a july birthday

bdaysmall a very kind lady at work that i barely know bought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for my birthday! hello, lisianthus!

i had decided to have my wedding in either july or august of next year, and it so happens that my july birthday falls on a saturday so that eliminated a potential date.

boilermy parents made a big deal of my birthday even though i had just brushed it off. they smuggled a tuxedo cake across the border, with its strawberries and all - and it made me understand what cake shops mean by "mousse filling," which inititally conjured images of twinkies, but the cake told me otherwise: it had layers of chocolate cake/chocolate mousse/chocolate cake/white chocolate mousse etc etc. my mother expertly picked out a wonderfully large double boiler because i had mentioned that i'd wanted to steal my aunt's. yay for steamed spinach! i have the same handful of random pots my mother had lent me when i moved out for university at seventeen. two pots and one frying pan. i did fork out $12 for a large cast iron frying pan this fall but that was all. seriously. and i don't go out for dinner very often. i've somehow managed to avoid investing in le creuset pans and the kitchenaid mixer, as well as simple kitchen essentials like a garlic press, flowera decent bottle opener, metal measuring cups etc etc in the name of "i need to wait for the gift registry." i did okay through university, but when it came to moving to the US, and not only that, but dividing my kitchen supplies between my apartment and his apartment, it got a little tricky. gone are the days when we live at home till we say i do. women go to college, build careers, and get married down the road. i used the gift registry excuse long before we were engaged, and now that the wedding is another year down the road i'm just going to have to keep smushing my garlic against my cheese grater.

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Erin said...

happy belated birthday!!!!! sorry i forgot! ah! hope you had a great day :)