Friday, August 10, 2007

i bought a new toy to make myself feel better that no longer carries the Nikon D200. and for the fact that my lc-a fell apart in my purse last year and i can't seem to justify slamming $200 on another one. my favorite bee over at weddingbee made a post all about the potential in involving lomos in a wedding. this fisheye has a built in flash and a hotshoe for another! i'm so impressed.


flipandrew and i bought a 30 minute, $80 one of these pocket size camcorders at costco last weekend. i think these would be cool to hand out to each member of the bridal party as a gift with a purpose for the night (or at least for all the boys). we filmed about 20 seconds worth of footage, met up with friends from work for dinner in seattle and then when they asked to see my ring, i promptly extended my left hand and dropped the poor white gizmo on the ground. needless to say it doesn't seem to turn on when we want it to anymore. but it was fun while it lasted, and i may give it a second go with costco's great return policy.


Jenn said...

oh, of course you dropped it... now that would be something clutzy me would do but not you... and just as an aside - no tech toys for me please, I'm not savy with these things.

Erin said...

hey hun! can you upload more fisheye pics please? they look sooooo cool!!!!