Friday, July 13, 2007

trash the dress


my dad was somewhat shocked when i told him i really didn't care for a videographer, and i'm sure some guest will have some sort of video camera to get the ceremony at the very least. if anything i wanted someone like dan's brother or blair - someone that is either a little techie or would at least be somewhat excited to operate a super8 camera for all the big moments. but a post at weddingbee featuring a canadian trash the dress video shoot had me absolutely floored. here's a link to the post at's blog. this photo doesn't do the filming justice, and i love how her dress billows in the wind (do they secretly bring around big fans to their locations or was the weather just fantasticly perfect...?). did i mention yay for feist and not kelly clarkson's latest song?

seriously. watch. this. video.trash

at any rate, this ontario based company even offers the super8 camera option! hah.

to get a feel of some super8 weddings in general, check out what youtube has to offer.

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