Tuesday, July 3, 2007

dslr cameras

i've used my dad's minolta maxuum 7000 for years and years, and i've been meaning to step up to a d-slr since i started university.


so apparently there is no real nikon equivalent of the canon 5d. while most people compare the 30d with the d200, some people compare the d200 with the 5d. take this guy, for example, about the birth of his child:

"My D200 gave perfect exposure in all of the varied light conditions and compositions. My 5D would have necessitated me stopping and setting a different exposure compensation the hard way (trial and error) for each shot, meaning again I would have missed most of everything."

downsides for the 5D:
manually adjusting the ISOs
no built in flash (which was my biggest qualm with my minolta)

"If you want fisheye or ultra-ultra-wide shots, full-frame cameras win. Nikon has nada in oversize-sensor cameras."

okay...i'm not keen on ultra-ultra wide shots, but i'm all over fisheye. there is a nikon fisheye lens reviewed here, and then he basically says that the 5D's and up are the only canons able to enjoy the fisheye lens because they don't make them for the 30D, 20D, rebels etc!!!

i had thought i was leaning toward the 30d because i could make up the price savings with buying more lenses, but no fisheye? google seems to tell me otherwise

at any rate - i believe the nikon was available at costco.com last week when i checked, and now they no longer carry it!!!

so. if i can get a 30d, i can eventually upgrade to a 5d and share all my lenses. in the end, i'm sure there will be something bigger and better than the 5D in a few years to make the price drop....

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