Sunday, July 1, 2007

coming home from a lunch at feenies with the kidlios, ryan and madie (who ordered the best french toast i have ever had), i stumbled upon a small, unassuming bridal shop called vancouver bridals that i believe still bore the signage of the previous clothing boutique and was not technically open. it looks like the macdonald and broadway area of kits is slowly getting wedding fever - there's another bridal shop opening up across the street, and along with cupcakes and the sleek new flower shop a block down, in addition to the long-time floral fixtures of the neighbourhood and frocks up the road at arbutus - it's certainly becoming a bit of a bridal frenzy.

a courteous asian man named billy bi was happy to have me browse around at their samples, and then i realized with much glee that he would soon be stocking simone carvalli which isn't carried anywhere in the northwest nevermind seattle and vancouver. these are the dresses that really stand out amongst the hundreds of ads in the magazines. simone carvalli makes the mermaid of mermaid dresses - i think i saw a new one in martha's latest wedding issue - which looks to be a lot better than the spring one. carvalli's dresses look so gorgeous i briefly considered flying to some nearby state to try some on. even the poofy ones look so beautifully tactile. they'll also be carrying pronovias and palmona blanca

vanessa hunted me down that day and i managed to get her into the store to breathe life into the dresses. they're made in-house and so they run a very palatable $160 a piece (remember all other bridesmaid dresses have been $300-400 simply because you can get them in hot pink and all colors of the rainbow). they were slightly ill-fitting, but perhaps alterations could do wonders?

okay so orange is definitely out of the question.

although this "little black dress" was umpteen sizes too big and much too long, i starting to take a shine to black (although i believe this was a dark, dark navy).
and then i realized just how similar these dresses were to the melissa sweet ones:

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Jenn said...

looking at those colors, i'm begining to agree with you too about a dark color - it's almost as if hycroft needs a dark color or an ultra girlie pastel like soft yellow,green or gasp* pink. While a yellow dress I would have no qualms wearing again - if you are going for practicality and universal re-wearability - the dark colors win