Thursday, March 20, 2008


each 8 foot table can seat 8 people when aligned in a long row, so i'd need 15 tables... 15 x 8 = 120 feet - is the terrace 120 feet long? i believe the catering people told me the terrace could seat 200 people at a long table, weather-permitting..
hycroftandrew and jenn will be happy to hear that i've sat down and have started planning more than just the venue and photographers. and while it's not quite invitations or save the dates yet, it's a start, right? so i want to pull off a dinner on the terrace with one (or two) long tables. i've been trying to dissect the $140-$200 per person estimation my caterer gave for food/linens/tables/cutlery/chairs etc (not including flowers), because a follow up call in the summer they'd told me perhaps $30-$60 per person for where did the other $100+/person go? rentals?! yes i realize i indicated i wanted no buffet with waiters in tuxedos, but....i'm really hoping it doesn't have to be that expensive.

so i made a phone call to the rental company in the city, and for $1700 (ahem, $14 per person) worth of rentals, i basically get ratty old wooden tables (above)? i guess it transforms into something elegant with a simple tablecloth....(side note, hopefully giving the wooden lawn chairs double duty for the ceremony and the dinner will work they'll be proper table height...)
classicpartyrentals....but this company in abbotsford offers chic aluminum tables, but i guess they'd be covered up too and would only big a big deciding factor if i was recruiting family and friends to set up, which i'd rather not since i'd want everyone to enjoy the day alike. the burnaby-based rental company that the caterer goes through gave me a rough outline of the rentals, and while it'd be nice to save some small amount of money going through a rental company in surrey run by manjit, i don't think it would shave off more than a couple hundred, if that, and i'd rather leave my day in the hands of someone more reputable...

i'm going to go through their website in detail and see just what the "geneva" flatware looks like and try to compare to other places if i can.


DSC_6706i've also learned the importance of the word "delegate." sadly, i don't think we know anyone with enough charisma to take charge of a microphone and an ipod for us, so i think we're going to have to get a dj so the night doesn't flop out at dessert. i've given my mom, the dancing queen, the job of finding a dj because she is always organizing dinner/dances with her alumni association and i was surprised she couldn't name her favorite dj off the top of her head. the downside, though, is that andrew (and i) are at the complete opposite of anything that would be played in the club scene, and for that matter, at a wedding. r&b...hip hop, no way. we would love to have indie music that we like, and even some oldies, but as pop-y as it is, does deathcab for cutie really lend itself to dancing?


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Jenn said...

you have to rent double what you think you need when it comes to plate, you also have to factor in disposable aspects - napkins etc - and yes you are paying for labor - and at this point in time, for the venue you have and the set up of the time constraints etc - just get the catering company to do it. This is no time to haggle of this kind of thing - just do it - get it done and there will be no worries about if it works, how and when to set it up or anything like that