Sunday, March 16, 2008

the cake smash

DSC_6380i spent the entire day having a blast from behind the camera, which rendered me undanceworthy and perhaps harder to get a word in with than the bride herself. but when the cake smashing happened, andrew leaned over and said "ohhh....that's what you don't want to happen." jenn and i had had a discussion about how uncouth cake in the face would be, and when i had brought up with andrew he had no idea that it was something people did at weddings. in fact, i wouldn't put it past him to have done it anyway, without even knowing!
how many people out there have the cake-in-the-face-discussion, and how many people out there have this happen, discussion or no discussion?


s1h2e3l4l5y said...

Quincy and I had discussed and we opted not to. The first thing I asked him before we fed eachother cake was "Did you wash your hands?". The whole "cake smash" seems to be popular but I didn't want to ruin my face! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been quite clear that if he even attempts it, I'm getting an annulment the next day.