Thursday, March 27, 2008


DSC_7347despite the fact that we own i've bought him a ps3, xbox 360, and a wii, i was surprisingly excited to see that he unpacked my super nintendo and is currently playing super metroid, hailed by some as the best game of all time. so that leaves me with some time tonight to blog, and i've got registry on my mind. when i think registry, all i really think about is the kitchen and perhaps 1000 count sheets and duvet covers that i would never justify buying for myself. i've read in more than one place that you can register at tiffany's, and this blows my mind because this is after you've got that 2 carat+ rock on your finger (because perhaps only someone that is high society enough to have a 2 carat+ ring would have guests that wouldn't balk at buying the bride a diamond necklace). though the Elsa Peretti Open Heart pendant is, i admit, clean and simple, i am so far removed from that kind of jewelry and that type of shop (save for my classic solitaire, to my humble suprise, à la tiffany's). so if i could register for something as frivolous as jewelry, this would be what i would want. it's all handmade.

painstakingly handcut and handsoldered sterling pendants from

faryn davis is local to seattle, and runs fernworks fine art, incorporating organic materials into resin jewelry and paintings. the online photographs of her work don't do it justice. i own two of her pieces so far.

resin and sterling silver encase perfectly preserved insects (it would surprise you to know that i am terrified of everything from spiders to butterflies) at bijoux du monde. Mikel Lefler is a local artist from vancouver, bc.

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Jenn said...

Honestly as much as I love you buying jewelry for the bride is something I baulk at in that a registry is symbolic of a new life started together thus the kitchen gadgets - like a food processor - get one - and nice sheet, more towels than you think you need, candle sticks and all sorts of things - if you want weird gifts why not opt for plants? books? video games for the Wii?

As to high society *gag* I think if they are going to throw money around at least send it to a charity and not themselves...

Hey have you looked at those dresses yet?