Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the eatery

65034928_d43905d3f4some pictures from our last trip to vancouver. we went to the eatery in kitsilano for fusion sushi - ie some rolls involved cream cheese. we were inundated with its warhol-meets-astroboy-meets-miso-horny ads while at UBC. andrew (finally) officially invited his guy friends to be his "dudes."


DSC06683no edamame beans for me, but they had the crispiest chicken katsu so i was satiated. they also boast fried mars bars and fried ice cream for dessert, although i just contented myself with a rootbeer float throughout the night. the restaurant played pumping music like i'd expect at a club, and had lcd tv screens that showed what i can only imagine to be images from an acid trip. the best man and the bridesmaid, and me and the man, at right. why do our guys have the same look on their face? also featuring some headless night boxing:

we spent part of the night crowding around the computer to watch some beyond random gi joe spoofs. warning coarse language:

pork chop sandwiches! you have to accept that they are beyond random, and if you're in a laughing mood watch these ones: reggae, and who wants a body massage? speaking of random, my AD(H)D personality totally interfered andrew's special moment when he proposed. i blurted out, "let's have swiss cheese paninis tomorrow" to which he looked at me, then quickly said, "will you marry me." so andrew likened the pork chop sandwiches to that moment yesterday. hah.

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