Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the registry

DSC_7176i need serious international registry advice. the gist of it is, i live in the US, but am having the wedding in vancouver, BC. while it is totally against wedding etiquette to bring gifts to the wedding, that's what everyone does anyway because they don't know any better! to avoid driving across the border with $1000 worth of kitchen appliances, i'm hoping to register only online, and despite the fact that 98% of my guests are canadian, only at american stores. is that too much to ask, that everyone be internet saavy? i am considering registering for a small handful of things from The Bay to not be too pretentious, but what are your throughts on this? the downside, i think, of the online registry at let's say, macy's, for the sole purpose of targetting people without macys in their land, is that it precludes the fun of running around the store with a registry gun.....no?

my other brief thought was that i'd remembered seeing on the knot that if you set up a registry through them, you can add items from the smallest boutiques with no online presence to the largest shops of all. is this true? does this work well?

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Anonymous said...

A bit late with this comment ... but we're doing the same thing. The selection in the US is just so much better! We did register at Linens'n Things here, just to be safe.