Monday, March 31, 2008

bridesmaid dresses round.....4?

i spent some time on last night in the search of the ultimate cocktail dress to function as a bridesmaid dress that isn't a tube topped, shiny solid blob of color. i love this yellow one. it's sweet and somewhat retro, it's yellow....but it's $498. now is the time i'm about ready to believe in the talents of and but perhaps moreso the thriftiness in getting a seamstress. here's a $178 alternative. the one on the right i can't find on the nordstrom's website this morning, but comes in this amethyst color for a screaming $62 and in champagne for $44.90.
nordstroms has a lot of great cocktail dresses in their junior's section around the $68 price mark. very few of the rest of these are "junior" dresses, but i thought i'd throw this chart out there for reference...:
#3 also comes in black at a decent $118.
#4 is promising and runs $138

i used to be so against the sickly shiny sheen of bridesmaid dresses, and i'm horrified to think that they've grown on me, but i'm kind of drawn to #9 for its bold color, its Silk Dupioni fabric, the full skirt action, empire waist, and i think it would complement my dress well. i also like #8.
#14 would be more appropriate to complement a grecian inspired wedding dress, but i'm really drawn to these simple, summery dresses.

i can appreciate #18-32 but i would not force these upon my maids, mostly because of the boob-revealing halters and unflattering sheath silhouettes.

and a plain little number from banana, and a sweet little ebay number for around $40 that touts itself to be Anthropologie but i almost doubt it.

i scouted this alfred angelo purple dress (i'm sure it's available in all colors of the rainbow since it's an actualbridesmaid's one of the very very rare dresses that is given a solitary $ on the i'm betting it's even under $100.... i do like the neckline on the pink one..


Jenn said...

The dress is Amethyst is a Junior's size - you forget that none of the juniors dresses we tried on fit because they aren't designed for adults.

jamiedelaine said...

I came across your blog on google!! I absolutely adore your posts; I'm a wedding photographer and consequently love everything wedding-related. #31 of the bridesmaids dresses you posted is just SO beautiful. Thanks for the eye candy!