Sunday, March 16, 2008

children and babies scare me

i love my photographs of children the best, perhaps because they best exude that candid spirit about them, but i definitely felt like i was one of those brides that was more than ready to put the kabosh on babies and children at my wedding. i didn't even know you could request/expect that parents not bring their kids, because all the weddings i attended i was anywhere aged five through nine.
DSC_6045some brides don't want the mischievous little ring bearer stealing the show, or a baby deciding to cry during the vows; for me, perhaps the latter is more true, and fear of attention deficit disorder wreaking havoc on a child 30 minutes into an 8 hour day. children actually freak me out. i never get the happy babies around me, no, i get the 5 year olds that literally climb up my leg while i'm standing in line at the post office, and all the young ones screaming their heads off across the pharmacy counter with their (admittidly painful) otitis media. i learned that some brides hire babysitters to look after the children in a separate room where they can watch finding nemo or dvd/video game to keep them occupied - the mister could not forsee any relatives not dining on fine china with their children, although our venue does have an elegant room with an entertainment system.
all children-phobias aside, i don't think we're going to have many if any young ones running around in cute ties and fluffy dresses. i don't have anyone even near that age group on my side, and there's perhaps only a couple on his that will come. but i'm sure his little girl cousin will make for some sweet photos and i look forward to them!

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