Friday, May 9, 2008

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yesterday i had the day off work, and it started with an 8am new fiberoptic internet installation, followed by shipping several st*tchp*x*e things, returning the old internet equipment, buying two things at michael's, dropping off some long overdue signed paperwork at the bank (sorry shelly!), attempting to exchange my dance shorts for a smaller size (why i ever thought i would be a size small is beyond me), finding that costco now stocks my favorite macadamia nut cereal again, throwing $60 into my gas tank ($3.77 a gallon now!), making guacamole, jenn's fabulous corn/black bean/mango salsa, restaurant-style mexican red rice (who knew that this was an american thing and doesn't actually exist in mexico), and chicken, dancing for two hours, and then coming home and playing some new rock band downloads now that the new internet has wireless capabilities. itemizing my day like that makes it sound exhausting and productive, but i felt like i could've done more. but, most importantly, i found my capezio jazz boots! 050208 129i blew over $200 on new dance gear last week, but was thrilled to find my old boots, which are worn down in all the right places to somehow lend me greater balance to do triple pirrouettes. and although i've had them patched for holes on at least 3 occassions but some random kiosk-cobbler at the mall, i'm excited that the size text hasn't worn off so i can buy another pair. i like the sheen my legs have in that photo to the left. in jazz class we did some yoga pose, but i couldn't figure out what part of my body it was supposed to be working (is yoga toning or stretching, or both?). when i got home i attempted to balance, crouched on the tiptoe of one foot, but the "seated fetus" + a 5 lb. camera proved too much for me.

050208 137after our move in the fall, i was convinced that someone at our apartment stole one of our boxes, because andrew's work shoes were nowhere to be found. 5 months later he found them in a backpack. i recently realized i too was missing my dance shoes, and then was delighted to find this appropriately labeled box in the garage last night, bursting with the three pairs of dance shoes and the cutest flats i'd forgotten i'd owned.
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