Friday, May 2, 2008

a satisfying two hour dance class

050108 009andrew and i worked at the same store today, which never happens, and is never supposed to happen. i went through the day in a daze, unable to recall simple facts like zovirax dosing for herpes simplex, and staring blankly at the wall of liquids with a doctor holding the phone line while i tried desperately to jog a memory of the product she wanted to have prescribed for herself, something she'd told me not 20 seconds earlier. despite my inability to extract simple information from the reccesses of my brain, i wanted to crawl back into bed for no other reason than i had my period. i'm not really that type of girl, but i guess it happens to everyone of us. i'd also foolishly decided to wear lacey underwear, which, although i was prepared with period-related supplies, was not my cup of tea for an eight hour day on my feet. so i wanted to go home, whip out my comfy ae cotton boy-cut underwear, and crawl into bed. i tried to pump myself up all day to go to my dance class after work, and it literally took 10 hours for me to wake up. i'm slightly hesitant to address this topic, knowing all the google search strings associated with my name alone, because it's going to bear more permanence than i should be comfortable with. but i think i'm a pretty forward person. and if jenn can post about her legs with such candor, and if my favorite writer, the utah-based, non-mormon powerhouse of a woman behind is so very frank and straightforward about things that would be mundane in anyone else's words, then i can write about how i got home from work, and within 10 minutes, a shower, contact lenses, and a tampon turned my day around.

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