Friday, May 23, 2008


050208 363i took my mom out for a day of trying on dresses at nordstrom and other random places in the mall. she's the only peron i know who perhaps has more energy than me to do this - although i could pull off going to three or four bridal shops in one day and try on every single non-ballgown dress in each store, i came home with a migraine and head straight to bed at 8 o'clock - she, on the other hand, jumped in and out of dozens of dresses then came back to my house to cook a roast and whip up dinner, and then weeded my huge garden in under half an hour at dusk - this weeding task would have taken me the entire weekend.

i love this neckline on her. she has it in her head that you need cleavage pull off anything plunging or v-neck but i don't think so! (better not since my dress has that neckline!)
050208 368

050208 349
the photo at left my mom is comlaining the belt takes up half her body, middle is demonstrative that she needs petite sizes, and right, that strapless aint half bad!

050208 353
this dress below was the most flattering on her, and made me warm up to the idea of using it as a bridesmaid i ordered it in four sizes yesterday.
050208 330

050208 317

050208 342

050208 343

my mom is really taken by this trapeze dress - because it's so billowy she can fit into a size 2 or a size 0. i am all over twiggy-inspired dresses, but my only concern is she'll look at photos from my wedding ten years from now and say, "what was i thinking?!"
050208 339
050208 341

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