Wednesday, May 7, 2008

let them eat (good) cake

mangocake2so even for the plainest of the plain cakes I had wanted - with impeccable fondant and without the painstakingly handmade edible would run me $7+ per slice, and we all know that fondant tastes terrible. after i got over the diy idea, i entertained the idea of having a fake tiered cake, and then serving sheet cake, at less than $2 per slice...and much tastier. ever-an-anti-buttercream-person, i found i could get a whip cream filled cake (although custard was also an option, but i don't know if i'm game for that). but then when i thought about it, for an extra $1 a slice i could get the most amazing mango cake, made with those phillipine atafulo mangoes (which should be considered an entirely different fruit than the run of the mill mexican mangoes). chinesedessertit is the tastiest cake in the world, however, my only concern is that it the birthday cake of choice for everyone's summer birthdays on his side of the family (that's me cutting my fab cake at my 21st birthday). so in a way it screams chinese birthday cake, and while most chinese birthday cakes are fabulous (i think it's all in the real whip cream), a mango cake isn't necessarily your run of the mill chinese birthday cake with its boring seasonally affordable fruit: balled canteloupe and honeydew, kiwi, strawberries, and sometimes orange slices depending on the season. some have had bananas in them, and that just seems wrong.

if they covered the whole cake in whip cream, so i just had a nice white cake on a retro milk glass cake stand .... maybe that would make it less birthday-y?
another option, for just pennies more than the regular sheet cake would be tiramisu!.....what are your thoughts on untraditional wedding cakes? did you/will you have one, or have you been to a wedding with one?


Jenn said...

I've actually graduated, primarily due to were I'm at foodwise to a set dessert and no cake. There will be a small one to cut etc. but there will be some kind of formed dessert - whether it is a tiramisu type dessert in a cup - but more than likely I would choose to go with something very similar to that faux latte type thing I made before which is a chocolate ganache, tiramisu cream and cream on top... or a hot lemon type pudding cake...

jenny said...

We're thinking about alternative cakes for our wedding too, but it's a hard choice, considering that, for many, the cake is the main reason for coming at all.