Friday, May 23, 2008

dead things

today on my lunch hour i visited a cobbler in bellevue to get the inside soles of my ballet slippers reglued and popped into michaels and was delighted come across these "mums" handmade from dried yucca pods!

i've been scouring the internet for dead things and came up with very limited retailers. i did, however, realize that all my beloved pods are actually from india as 90% of the websites that came up from my pod-related search strings were based out of "Kolkata" (Calcutta?). i shot off emails to half a dozen of these indian wholesale websites, not anticipating any replies, and i got none. andrew's heading back to vancouver this weekend (happy graduation, emily!), and i'm making him hit up little india to see if, in amongst the lavish fabric shops and yummy curry houses, there are any shops that sell my dead things.
but after going through everything i'd bookmarked, i realized there was on in the UK, one in oregon, one in texas, one based out of california that has both a wholesale and a retail front, and even one in canada!







i love this ball shaped one directly above - it's called a crepe sola (or crape shola depending on the engrish translations), or a sola x-mas ball. i've been unable to google US-based retailers for this.


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