Sunday, May 11, 2008

last round, promise

My original plan for the BM dresses were damask b&w prints, and I haven't really found anything I've liked so far. So here are my final choices for dresses. Here are two that are pretty decent. I have one word: pockets!
Maggy London Square Neck Dress


I saw this dress, below, in person yesterday at Anthropologie, and Jenn, while I know you had a bad experience with their clothes being more than ill-fitting, I think this dress is very promising, and we can swap out the sash for any fabulous fabric option.
anthro Charcoal Drawing Dress $148

Maggy London Sateen Party Dress $118
3 dressesaa
This turquoise dress is super cute but I don't know if it would be a bit much to have three matching girls.....
So enter the striped option - either 3 striped dresses, or a combination of the striped and the turquoise one. Both dresses have fabulous skirts on them. My only concern is the colors are too bold to go with anything but a black car....
3 dressesa
3 dresses
My dad owns both the copper car, and the turquoise convertible, which is the car of cars. The damask would go fabulous with it, but the turquoise dresses might clash with the car, but I hadn't planned on doing major photo ops with the car(s). I guess ultimately with the victorian mansion the damask is the best option.....


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Jenn said...

The last two - I'm leaning towards the black one since the turquoise one looks a little garish - though it would be easier to put flowers with in some respects. My only concern is with pockets the fullness of the skirt and the lay of it - don't be suprised if I take them out and alter the skirt so i don't look like I'm hiding a small country under there.

All in all better choices - but I don't like the anthropologie one more so due to the fabric the light cotton will wrinkle and cling