Sunday, May 11, 2008


050208 281we had our first adventure into wedding registry gunning yesterday, and i must say that i wish i hadn't learned how to do the warehouse order at work last week because that scanning gun was cooler! it's kinda like when i was a kid and i wanted a checkout scanner playset not all that different than this one to the right....which mysteriously disappeared not long after christmas. i had thought i'd broken it and my parents returned it, but i later checkoutscannerfound out they thought they returned it because i wasn't playing with it (well at least i can rest assured i wasn't rough with my toys)! i do a minimal amount of cash register work at my retail job, and my dad thought i might love scanning the items since i loved my playset so much as a child, but not so.
050208 268
somehow we were pretty frugal about the list and didn't pick too many insanely expensive things, or, for that matter, too many things in general! we walked away with only 39 items, 10 of which were expensive furniture items that we have no intention of guests buying but that we can get for 10% off after the wedding. we're currently so deprived of furniture that he just wants to slam the money down for a bunch of pieces, meanwhile i'm almost tempted to make up a separate registry under an alias name with a wedding date that's a few weeks away so we can get the furniture sooner. am i alone in my sneakiness? i noticed there were options for other types of registries - celebrations, birthdays, etc - but i'm thinking they don't get the 10% off deal after the fact.
050208 283at the end of it all i got a free heart shaped candy bowl and i rewarded the mister with part of my chocolate frosty and his very own a frosty milkshake.

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