Saturday, November 15, 2008

trash the dress

Shootin' at the Slough - TTD // Vancouver from StillMotion
for anyone that hasn't seen my trash the dress, here it is.

small_provnov13my parents came to visit this evening with news that a seventh foot has been found at finn slough where had we finished off a long day with the amazing talent at still motion this summer.

i had scouted out finn slough on the internet and was intent on braving the growdy water there for the amazing backdrop, since neither the ocean nor glacier-cold waterfalls really interested me. after time spent in china town and an area near the train depot, we all went for fish and cihps in steveston. when we got to the slough at the end of the day, it was low tide, and i mean low - and a part of me was disappointed because i thought there wouldn't be any water shots.
the upside, though, was seeing that the slough had a really clean sandy bottom. no scary rocks, no seaweed, no debris, just sand. (i am deathly afraid of coral and unknown underwater substances). we took most of our photos downstream where there was enough water under a bridge for ducks to swim in, and when it came time for me to do this amazing photograph without scrunching up my face as the droplets came down on me, i realized the water was rising, and fast.
while we did get in the water in the end, i almost wished we could have run across the sandy floor because i know my feet could have kicked up some awesome mud onto my bustle.

speaking of ducks, andrew and i love ducks. we call them quacks and often happen upon large groups of them in the wee hours of the night at places like swimming pools and small coves around stanley park.

i had been only somewhat hesitant about splashing the water up only for it to come down on my face because it had a razor thin marbel-ly layer of oil; it wasn't until we were in the car driving back that i realized the full magnitude of the ducks' presence. i had spent my first summer after graduation in the okanagan with mom after mom after mom approaching me because their children were itchy from swimming in the lake with its duck feces. i had a brief moment of fear when i realized that i did not want to spend what short days i had allotted for my honeymoon with parasites that were not contracted from an exotic country. perhaps shooting a trash the dress the day before your honeymoon isn't the best idea. luckily, we were both unharmed.

another interesting thing about this article is that it's written by the same journalist that interviewed me for a trash the dress article last year. i'm thinking it's probably time to follow up with her.


Michelle said...

Love the video!

Anthony said...

It was a great video. I feel as though some of the things involving Chinatown were a bit dirty... until I saw the bits in the pond. Then the Chinatown bits were more acceptable.

But... great video, guys!

LeahA said...

that was guys look like movie stars !