Thursday, September 13, 2007

i was featured in the province newspaper

trashprovinceso i was featured in this last sunday's province newspaper of vancouver. (note to bridesmaid: tiara - did you stumble across it or did you anticipate it by my msn name?) here is the online link to the article. the reporter stumbled across my blog on a search for vancouver brides that have trashed the dress, and just as i did, she found no one. somehow i come off sounding like a total nut job in the article, because words like "Friday night haunt" strung together with "East Hastings" makes me sound like i've overcome my days as a prostitute, and "wallowing" makes me sound like some sort of swine. that being said it's still pretty cool to be in the paper for those last few paragraphs in the article. things were misquoted and taken out of context, and i had emailed her something that jenn, the MOH had elucidated and somehow they were taken as my words. Here's what jenn had to say:

"Trashing the dress is two fold for me - not that I'm going to do it but if were: one, it's that no one else is going to wear it, and two for us at least - a white dress is no longer necessary....a destruction of what was for the future you have. Why carry all that around with you? Sure you had a wedding but it's now a marriage, it should no longer be defined by that moment in time, which is why the divorce rate is so high women want to carry all the princess shit forward from that day, and it doesn't work regardless of what the dress looked like or cost - this is now a marriage, a life long commitment - and no dress is going to hold it together if you don't work at it. So get rid of the dead weight and have some fun right out of the gate."

the reporter kept looking for my motivation and ideology behind the concept of trashing the dress. did i "think it was anti-wedding." i'd never thought of it in these terms. to me it's just the aesthetic. sure i could try and say that it's art and attach some sort of lofty, thought out meaning to process. but even most of my personal artwork is just that, art. no politically charged statements. no social comment.

in the beginning andrew wanted to have nothing to do with this trash the dress session - now, when i brought up the questions the reporter had asked me, he laughed and said - it's just a fun thing to do and it'll make great memories.

great memories, yes, that....and i'll have something like a super cool music video of myself!


Jenn said...

she should have put the princess thing in - darn it, it was brillant, you know. Makes me want to write her about that - the whole bias makes me wonder what her slant was in the whole thing,

Tiara said...

i totally stumbled across it. i noticed you titled one of your blog entries with "trash the dress" before, i think, but i didn't really get what it meant. the newspaper article explained everything for me! it all makes sense now!

Jenn said...

just to let you know joel's in the process of editting my response - but I am sending in a letter, we'll see if it gets posted.

HKexchange Admin 2 said...

miss milkshake, that's me and my hubby in that article's picture!! if you have a copy of the paper, i'd love to get one as well, if even only a photocopy!! That is so cool that they interviewed you for the article. Congrats!