Thursday, September 6, 2007

trash the dress

we spent the long weekend on the island in nanaimo with friends, shelly and jordan. see photo montage above. jordan and i brainstormed some fantastic location ideas for the trash the dress, which included burns bog, among many others that i currently can't remember.

finnthe best man worked with ducks unlimited this summer, wading waist-deep in muddy marshlands breaking down beaver dams. some of his photos revealed landscapes that looked very lord of the rings, frodo-baggins-scurries-through-the-swamp. unable to remember the names of the sites he went to in south surrey, chilliwack and wherever else, a quick search at flickr revealed some strange shanty town, finn slough. it's not on the outskirts of hope, aldergrove, or even lytton, bc, but in richmond, off of No. 3 no less.
these gorgeous photos courtesy of kk at flickr.


Jenn said...

love the montage - remember you own us some photos k - but I should get back to the packing... oh how I loathe this.

Tiara said...

hey cher, saw your bit in the "trash the dress" article in the province today. pretty cool!

Jenn said...

you're famous... I've got the article. Glad to see my quote too, of course it's the one that's classically me in my saucy mood - about have some fun out the gate...