Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oh hai, kitteh! Dis is verry gud noozez.

what used to be le chat dans le jardin has now become the cat that lives on our back porch. he came around last weekend, as he does every few months, and i set out some warm milk for him. then one night he was meowing at our front door, so we gave him milk and tuna. and then he planted himself there like a gnome till well past midnight. i bought him a $1.67 bag of meow mix, and he's been living on the patio ever since. last night i came home to him yowling at the front door as i backed my truck into the garage. after coaxing him out of the garage, i tried to figure out a way to get him around to the back since calling him wasn't working. a clink of his food bowl did the trick, and he's been sleeping in a small corner of the patio ever since, with some potted plants lending some protection from the elements. yesterday he had a long string of slime running off his chin, and thankfully wendy told me that cats actually drool when they're excited. andrew stepped out from our bedroom's french doors this morning to see him with his face mushed into the blanket, sleeping peacefully. i didn't believe it myself till i went to the kitchen and had to wake him from his face plant for breakfast. the rain was terrible tonight, and we bought him a small igloo so he now has a new home, and he's all hen-like inside, with his legs tucked up under his chubby body!

despite our mutual large hearts for woofs and meows, andrew seemed to have reservations, because it was almost like we'd stolen it away from its owner. we certainly aren't holding it hostage in our house, since i'm incredibly allergic, and i think that whoever the owners of the collarless cat are, that they go away on vacation and leave it to fend for itself!

so for now, he has a sweet little home in an igloo, and i'll go out and buy a bigger bag of meow mix.


Anonymous said...

Oh! That is so sweet. As a fellow cat lover, thank you for giving the fluffy meower a warm place to sleep and some grub!

soosie pancake!!! said...

omg!!! this kitteh is the cutest EVAH. i should steal it from you, who stolz it from da udder peepelz.

oh, btw....GREAT TITLE!!! LOL

Jenn said...

kitties are always a wonderful thing - it's your first child you know... just to scare you but it is