Sunday, November 2, 2008

happy birthday, bao

bao is as young as me now! we had a fabulous time, despite the meal.

those who know me well know that i am completely devoid of my short-term memories. i walk around work all day saying "what was i going to do," to which jenna always responds, "i really don't know." so it shoudln't be surprising that i constantly go to a restaurant and can't remember what on the menu i ordered in the past, nevermind what i thought of it.

oh, cheesecake factory. your food is not worth the 75 minute wait, and i keep saying that each time i return for another disappointing meal. last night was crispy chicken costoletta with a side of angel hair pasta that formed a large mass on the side of my plate because they couldn't drizzle it with olive oil....and the "lemon sauce," though cream based, was more like sour cream based. i was surprised it was not the same "lemon sauce" as the chicken picatta. jenna had the thai chicken pasta which was far too salty and peanut-y. andrew had tried to order what i can only attribute to be the spicy chicken chipotle pasta, but despite the menu i'm perusing right now, the only vegetables it had were mushrooms, and it was topped with a generous serving of taco shreds.

that being said we had a good time, and i gifted her sweet little pink earrings, and a 20x30" enlargement of this print.


chaia klenke said...

looks like fun!!! sorry about the food! yeah, they aren't the greatest restaurant. but i keep going there too, it's like this bad habit...

Jason said...

I enjoyed the sort of cresfallen expression on Bao's face when that huge bowl descended in front of her. Such HUGE portion sizes.