Saturday, November 15, 2008

kdc dance for hope

i haven't danced on-stage since i was 12 years old. i destroyed everything around my ankles and calves in an eighth grade phys ed class, and the injury took a good 8-10 years to heal. i did some dance classes at UBC when i could fit them into my schedule, but other than that, it seemed that all dance classes geared at adults were downtown, be it vancouver or seattle. i found kirkland dance center last spring by pure happenstance when i was trying to look up ballroom dancing at the local rec center for our wedding prep, and i was so excited. and it's literally a five minute drive from my house. while most women try and hit the gym to lose a few pounds before their wedding, i was just happy to re-embrace something i'd done so long ago (that, and i've maintained the same weight since i was sixteen). i went to the doctor the other day and i suprised even myself with my response to their question "how many times a week do you exercise?" - five to six. thanks to my awesome boss, i'm able to dance 10 hours a week if i want to.

i was involved in two numbers for KDC's Dance For Hope III this evening. ticket sales went to the "Feed Our Children" charity, which provides local children with a meal a day that their families cannot afford.

the first three photos feature smooth criminal, beat it (i'm looking super cute in a beret), and thriller (i have a blue swewater) from jacqueline's five-part michael jackson medley.



amy choreographed a lyrical piece to a cover of imagine by avril lavigne. i'm at the back in the brown.

jerri had a fantastic vision in selecting these costumes for her beautiful ballet number. i came to class on sunday for the first time and learned this piece in about 15 minutes, but was unable to make the rehearsals so thought it was better that i'd sit it out.

special thanks to jason, cassie, jenna, lorinda, and my parents for coming! and andrew, too, for all the photos.

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