Tuesday, January 8, 2008

tell me what's worth checking out in seattle....

via professor batty at flickr. i read about "The Fremont Troll" in a random book i flipped through at costco the other day and thought it would be a fun place to take photos. and i think photoshop textures could do a lot with this fellow-for-a-backdrop. the only other thing i remember about the book was the banana museum in auburn, WA.

andrew complains that he can never whisk me away to some special spot in or around the city, because frankly, neither of us knows anything about seattle (not to mention we live with the uppities on the "Eastside"). that, and the traffic is so terrible that we never dare venture past Bellevue on our days off (which is ridiculous considering that we work as far away as White Center, Magnolia, and Auburn for our day jobs...)

the other weekend on a saturday night, it took him one hour to get from capitol hill to greenwood to pick me up from work, and then another hour for us to get downtown from there. not to mention it took our friends 2 hours to get from Tulalip to downtown! why traffic on a saturday night? at least we didn't have to wait for a table at the restaurant....(which makes me wonder where everyone was going if they weren't going for dinner and it was too early for clubbing).

so seattlites - where are some great local spots that are worth checking out? anyone live north or east of seattle? i want to know about those places too!

we stumbled upon a beach west of ballard that i never knew existed when we decided The Locks were too busy to visit:
our knowledge of the city is surprisingly limited.

back to the troll. photo via kptice at flickr. he's actually quite large! i saw pictures at flickr of people hanging off the underside of his finger. i haven't been, but i believe it's on Troll Ave North, somewhere near Aurora?

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