Monday, January 28, 2008

sottero and midgley

for all of you keeping up with my gown play by play, i'd hoped to perhaps venture downtown today for my day off to get the last three great stores in the area over and done with....but we got a fresh blanket of snow this morning.
being a person from the westcoast, snow is scary, and this has kept me from jumping into my car truck (yes, my daily commuter vehicle it is a V6 pickup, a 4x4 no less) and braving the 520 across lake washington. this is a phenomenon only experienced by people in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA, as people who've relocated from back east to these regions think we've got four heads coming JSM1122-CSout of our shoulders when we fret about 2 inches of snow. the fear of the 520 in bad weather conditions, though, is a legitimate fear i believe, since the waves can come up and over the edge on stormy days.

so today i've cozied up in some sweats and discovered some e-candy from sotteroandmidgley - who knew there was more great maggie goodness out there (well, i didn't)! this little image on the right did not have a corresponding large image on the site, but i love the concept of sleeves. why are sleeves so rare! and why are the two boleros that each store seems to carry so hideous looking? many a store has told me a seamstress can easily make tulle sleeves and tulle boleros but i'm a little hesitant.

i love this sweet little number (oh how i'd love to pull off pale pink on my wedding day). i can't decide if i like this one better than vernice, and then again, there was that pink madina vadache...:

these two dresses remind me of melissa sweet (although it could just be the effect the sashes have on me since so few of maggie's are featured with sashes):

i like the concept of this dress but a) the lace is too dense in the ovary-area and should just be limited to the bustline and the bottom, and b) i think the train should be either made entirely of the chunky tulle.

hello cinderella dress! this color is called oceana. i love it!

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