Monday, January 28, 2008

another venture into home decor

another venture into home decor...or perhaps it's a really great way to procrastinate about the wedding, avoiding the urgent topic at hand just like i avoided studying for my US pharmacy boards for an entire month by asphyxiating myself with a one-thousand-some-odd-piece puzzle.

i have a problem, and i truly think it due to a highly overdevoloped area of my brain, namely, the right side (the one responsible for drawing, photography, dance, messiness etc etc). what little left brain i have was only given mathematical powers and i am saliently lacking in any sense of the words "organization" and "memory." i have problems organizing and disposing of my own things. ie i'm a pack rat? it's to the point where i almost don't want to acquire anything else that doesn't serve some useful function or have true aesthetic appeal to me. junk mail used to be easy to toss out, but after moving into a new house, companies send us glossy home decor catalogues, sometimes biweekly. at first the stores were far and removed from seattle with astronomical prices. but lately they've been getting a lot better. tossing these magazines has become an issue, and i don't want to fuss with saving the images i like. so here we go:

The Board ™ Home Design Planners - i thought this magnetic kit was super cute for planning the layout and furniture for a new house.

in no particular order: sakura rug, arcadian rug, courtship rug, ginko rug

map chests

fenton chair, $399

rattan and wood divider, $129-199. we have 3 sets of french doors in the house. i think drilling blinds into the downstairs ones is tacky and takes away from them, and the basement doesn't quite suit curtains for the i was considering buying a room divider - this one is so unbelieably affordable and much more classy than the shoji divider that i once thought was my only option.

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