Saturday, January 12, 2008

pick your favorite gown

i haven't gone gown shopping in quite a few months. when i'd started, i had over 12 months to get a dress and most salesladies were impressed i had started with so much time to spare.

so today i decided to visit princess bride couture, a great store in a quaint little antique-shoppe/artisan village in Bothell, WA, which is a suburb just outside Seattle. they happen to be having a pronovias trunk show this weekend, with 10% off those gowns. if that piques your interest, they go by appointments only so phone them up. i had a great experience there today with a consultant that spent four hours with me (yes, i am that kind of bride....i somehow have the stamina to jump in and out of 20+ dresses at each shop, and have sometimes done two shops in one day). luckily they provided lots of bottled water, and even some biscotti by the time 7 o'clock rolled around. i've been to 9 different dress shops now, tried on hundreds of dresses, and can honestly say that there's only one dress that i would consider. it's a gorgeous lace maggie sottero dress that of course isn't on the internet. so here are three that i picked out yesterday, tell me which one's you're favorite.

Dress #1: Pronovias, Rosalita




Dress #2: Pronovias, Prenacarnita (note I really hate the neckline)

Dress #3: I'm not sure of the brand:
This last dress definitely had the most zing - it glowed, but i kind of feel like it's a lot like a lot of other wedding dresses - kinda like this judd waddell dress that mrs. bellpepper wore:

and here's two more random dresses i've tried on in the past.


Jenn said...

K well I don't think we're getting any better with the new selections, if anything worse - the v-neck or the Waddell gown are good - the other eww.

prem said...
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prem said...

Really don't like the first one; second one is so-so and the third is the best, though I still think there's the perfect dress out there for you...

s1h2e3l4l5y said...

Keep looking! :)